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Voice of America Takes A Modest Step to Restore Russian Radio Broadcasts

 FreeMediaOnline.org and Free Media Online Blog October 22, 2008, San Francisco – Voice of America (VOA) has taken a small step to restore radio broadcasts to Russia which were terminated by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) shortly before the Russian military attack on Georgia. Responding to criticism from Congress and media freedom organizations, the BBG staff has allowed VOA to start ... Read More »

BBC Keeps Radio Broadcasts to Russia

 FreeMediaOnline.org and Free Media Online Blog October 8, 2008, San Francisco – Unlike the Voice of America (VOA), which had eliminated radio broadcasts to Russia shortly before the Russian invasion of Georgia, the BBC has decided to continue producing Russian-language radio programs while also expanding its Internet and video production. FreeMediaOnline.org has obtained the details of the new British broadcasting strategy for Russia, which was announced by ... Read More »

Winning Democracy Through New Media Contests

 FreeMediaOnline.org and Free Media Online Blog Commentary by Ted Lipien, October 7, 2008, San Francisco – U.S. public diplomacy is in crisis, as is U.S. international broadcasting. Officials in charge of both, including James K. Glassman, the current Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, put their hope in the Internet, other new media platforms, and heavy marketing to help ... Read More »

Hard-Pressed Moscow Opposition Leaders Ask U.S. Not to Cut Russian-Language Broadcasts

 Window on Eurasia, Vienna, October 4 –- Three leading figures of the Russian opposition are calling on Washington to reverse its decision to reduce Radio Liberty’s Russian-language broadcasts next year, lest Russian citizens, at a time when Moscow has established “practically complete control” over domestic radio and television lose a vital source of “objective information.” State Department, the foreign affairs ... Read More »

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